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Who is No.1 Marketing Machine ?


Helping you present powerfully, confidently and professionally

Who do we work with?

We help and work with Direct Sales Professionals, Network Marketers and Start-Up businesses to help them present their products and services powerfully, confidently and professionally. Bringing proven sales formulas, experience and online digital courses to help you close more deals and increase your turnover.

3 Ways you can work with No.1 Marketing Machine

No.1 Marketing Machine is the brain child of Ghazala Jabeen. She has distilled her 30 years of experience in Direct Sales and presenting powerfully to get the sales to grow your business into this online course and program.

There are 3 ways to work with her.


Do it Yourself – DIY

Work at your leisure with our online digital marketing courses. Download and be guided through simple and easy-to-follow, training programs. This gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace.

Do it Yourself – DIY

Enjoy the benefits of our interactive group coaching and online training. Share ideas, brainstorm and let us help you build your business and help take it the next level.

Do it Yourself – DIY

This is for that special one-to-one, personalised training and building a successful program for personal development or business growth.

A unique and powerful plan.

Heartfelt Reviews (Say about)

Pattie Craumer No.1 Marketing Machine

Pattie Craumer

Founder of The Mosaic Effect

Ghazala brings a personalised approach to your needs to help move your business forward. She helps with branding, elevator pitch, social media content and much more.

She is committed, consistent and truly cares about your progress in meeting your business goals and dreams.

I have moved my business farther forward in the past several months with Ghazala of No.1 Marketing Machine than I have in the past several years. She is real in her values and transparency.

Esmeralda Doreenspleet No1 Marketing Machine

Esmeralda Dorenspleet

Founder of To Bee

The reason I chose to work with Ghazala Jabeen was that I knew she would help me get more professional and business-minded.

I really like that she is adjusting to what I need, and not just a plan for everyone which you have to follow.

She is for me personally of the big value and has become my friend.

A true leader is someone that is there for you and cares consistently.

She is clear and straight to the point.

Chris Roberts - No1 Marketing Machine

Chris Roberts

Co-Founder of North Wales Dragons

Having known Ghazala for ten years and been fortunate to work alongside her on a few occasions, I have found her to be a huge asset in business.

I have witnessed talks and discussions where she has delivered clear, concise and fluid knowledge on many subjects.

There is a great knowledge on various aspects of running both a commercial and social entity, Ghazala would be the perfect trainer for any aspect of business and particularly sales and marketing of which she excels.

Who is behind No.1 Marketing Machine?


Ghazala Jabeen is the Founder of No.1 Marketing Machine. She is committed, driven, and passionate about helping you become successful on your journey of achievement, especially when it comes to presenting, proposing or pitching your products and services to your target audience.

Ghazala takes pride in supporting your process, using proven sales and marketing techniques and tools. These skills are essential for you and your business to succeed in the ever-changing economy. The solutions provided by Ghazala are innovative, soul-searching and result-driven. Ghazala brings over 30 years’ experience in the sales and marketing industry for business growth with her courses, training and coaching. She has helped thousands of people around the world who benefit from her hands-on approach and personalised support. She teaches you how to understand the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ of your potential customers/clients and how to marry your products and services to them powerfully, confidently and professionally.

Presenting Marketing Machine

Business Coach and Mentor

As a Franchisee and a Franchisor, Ghazala understood the power of systems, structures and strategies from both sides the spectrum. She used these experiences and knowledge to help increase sales revenue for many Direct Sales companies by teaching their sales teams on how to generate more sales using these systems. She also put in place various programs to support ‘in-house’ and ‘field training’ to help Sales Representatives to close more deals with a better understanding of the needs of their potential clients/customers whilst learning their buying personality traits.

No.1 Self Published Author

Ghazala Jabeen is also a Self-Published Amazon No.1 Best-Selling Author of her book called ‘Loved.Lived.Lost’. A story of losing her husband to Pancreatic Cancer and what she did to fulfill his last wish. Her book went to being a Number One Best Seller in less than 24 hours of launch. She has helped raised over £12,000 for Pancreatic Cancer UK. They have proudly endorsed her book with thanks of support in fundraising and awareness of this cruel cancer, which has one of the lowest survival rates than most other cancers.

Ghazala Jabeen No1 Self Published Author
Ghazala Jabeen standing at a podium

Keynote Speaker

Ghazala has also worked in the Network Marketing Industry for over 30 years, helping ordinary people become extraordinary as they build their home-based businesses which has included many Coaching and Personal Development programs. She has trained people to prospect for business ventures both online and offline using various tools and systems to help them qualify prospects better by showing them why they need to build strong foundations as they duplicate the team building activities. With hard work, dedication, and focus, Ghazala created global teams successfully putting her into in international leadership position. Ghazala received her Award as an Ambassador for the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industry from Business For Home. Ghazala now appears on their ‘Hall of Fame’ among many legendary Superstars of this industry.

Keynote Speaker

Ghazala believes in helping people and businesses to THRIVE not just SURVIVE and bring PASSION back to their dreams, goals and their businesses!

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